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Mooshoo Mobile R32-T

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Cars, Featured Cars | No Comments


When Jonathan Leung aka JohnnyMooshoo finished his build with CTS Turbo, we were determined to showcase it on Static Captains and finally we got together and made it happen. Now I’ve seen Johnny’s car multiple times and knew it was fast, but getting a ride in the thing was something else.



I met Johnny over a year ago when we frequently went to VW meets and I’ve seen this car transform along the way. CTS Turbo and PG Performance have put countless hours and custom parts into this car and it really shows. Not many locally have the R32 platform to even work on, and thats what makes Johnny’s car so much more special.



That Haldex 4Motion system really makes the car take off and you don’t get any of that understeer FWD business. The wheels fit the car to perfection with zero rubbing. There just isn’t another car locally that matches what Johnny has done to make this car what it is today. One word that defines the car is that its R E F I N E D.



The power delivery is smooth and the feel of the overall car is very rounded. There isn’t a weird noise to be heard and I think what a lot of these builds should keep in mind before tuners throw in loads of money. Johnny’s car is a refined beast. And we like that.



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