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Stancewars 2013 – Its Crafted

Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in Car Shows & Meets, Cars | No Comments

Every year people look forward to enjoying the summer life.  For us, residing in the PNW as car enthusiasts, we ache and whine for the premier car events.  This past weekend was one of the most anticipated out of the whole year.  Stancewars 2013 – It’s Crafted, the promotion to be at for fitment freaks.



We teamed up with our friends over at The Speed Syndicate and SixZeroFour to bring their cars with us to Bellevue.  It would be our way to enjoy the beautiful weather we have been given.  Oh and by the way, our friend and owner of the sick olive green 86 at our booth, worked hours overtime to finish and complete his car for this event.  I had the privilege to watch a true dedicated car guy, supported by his wife, baby and friends work into the afterhours of his shop wrenching away.


As usual, being from Vancouver, Canada, we prepped ourselves for a long day of highway mobbing down the I-5.


Our crew had high expectations for this show, and the staff at Stancewars definitely hit the cap of our expectations. From previous competitors to first timers, the Top 100 show cars rolled in and you could just feel the build up of the atmosphere turn up.  We watched in awe as some of the most ridiculous fitted cars set up their displays and put the finishing details on their car.



Within minutes, the VIP parking was sold out and overflowed to our booth area.  General parking started to fill up just as quick and before you could imagine, Stancewars 2013 was in fully blast.




Every car had unique details and story to them.  We could tell how much time the competitors had put into attending this show.  The quality of cars this year keeps on improving.  Even the VIP and General parking lots had some rides that would drop your jaw.




As the sun slowly dwindles down, the show grinds down to the award ceremony.  We had an awesome opportunity to speak with many car owners, competitors, attendees about the show, and aside from some mindless people being reckless in the parking building, they all had nothing but positive things to say about the show.


IMG_3474 storyboard005

From the Static Captains, The Speed Syndicate and SixZeroFour, we all want to give a big thanks to Stancewars, their staff, their volunteers, and their sponsors, everyone who made Stancewars 2013 – It’s Crafted what is was.  Simply said, we cannot wait for further promotions and future collaborations!


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