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2013 A Year In Stills

2013 has been a big year for us at Static Captains, our fan base has expanded dramatically, multiple car features, collaborations and even co-host events. Moving forward to our 2nd year, we will keep producing great content for all the supporters out there. The following is some of our great memories of 2013.


This was one of the earliest features of the year, Manny’s G35 is simply a stunning car. The already elegant lines of the G35 were enhanced by those beautiful Work Varianzas.

 Touch of VIP: Manny’s G35 Sedan




The collaboration with dutil denim was a first for us. Although we are all car enthusiasts, we are also big fashionistas as well. It was an easy “YES” when granted the offer to be a part of this recognized North American denim shop’s event.

dutil. | Static Captains




The first big PNW car meet was organized by NW Built and Stancewars. A huge turn out with some sick cars showed up. Due to the long winter months of the PNW weather, everyone was very excited to take his or her cars out of hibernation to enjoy this beautiful weather

2013 NW-Built X Stancewars Golden Gardens




This feature was done for my close friend, Terrence, earlier this year. The C55 is simple yet it had the heart of a ferocious beast.

Reminder: Terrence’s C55 AMG




2013 was a huge year for the newly release of the Scion FR-S, it was the first FR layout sports car from Toyota in a long time.  We were very excited when we heard Openroad Scion was building the first Rocket Bunny FR-S in Canada, but we were fired up when they asked us to a feature on it.

The First Canadian Scion FR-S Rocket Bunny




Johnny’s R32 is probably one of my personal favourites in the group of local MK4s. Did I mention its boosted? Whenever I hear that VR6-T I get goosebumps.

Mooshoo Mobile R32-T




The highlight of our summer was the TSS x SC BBQ. We teamed up with The Speed Syndicate to host a BBQ like no other. The turn out was a huge success thanks to all the supporters and the volunteers!

TSS x SC BBQ 2013




Sickest S14 we’ve laid eyes on! James’ S14 told a great story through the character and details of the car

Yokosuka Nights: James Kent’s S14




One of the biggest meets in the Northwest region, Stancewars 2013 – Its Crafted. More then 5000 people attended and a parade full of genuine cars signed up. Our crew had high expectations for this show, and the staff at Stancewars definitely hit the cap of our expectations. From previous competitors to first timers, the Top 100 show cars rolled in and you could just feel the build up of the atmosphere.  We watched in awe as some of the most ridiculous fitted cars set up their displays and put the finishing details on their car.

Stancewars 2013 – Its Crafted




Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are many people who love the modified car scene. However, there are not as many as die hard like this guy named DK. Over the years he has built his own Integra, DK has worked and cranked wrenches on every single bolt on this beauty. As neck-breaking as his ride is, DK is an extremely humble person, which is in total contrast to his car, especially when he opens up the exhaust with his electric cut-out!

DK – The Dark Knight




Not a race car? Not a show car? No problem. Miki’s EM2 is a prime example how a car doesn’t need to be overblown to look good. This Civic sports a simple clean look that makes it stand out from it’s class. Having owned this beaut for 7 years, Miki has worked hard to support himself while gradually modifying this car.

First Love – Miki’s EM2




The second Rocket Bunny FR-S we’ve shot in this year. Reggie was known for his K20 Integra Type R build that got him on the cover of Super Street magazine. When we found out he got the keys to a brand new FR-S we knew he would pull off something extraordinary. Reggie opted for a meatier tire setup rather than stretching that tire.  While this caused a few minor problems along the way, a little trimming and cutting was needed to pull off this end result.

Rabbit’s Foot




This year was the first year Driven To Perform came back since 2008. This was the first and only show that was at a huge indoor venue! Wally, one of the organizers of DTP, approached us and we knew that it was officially back. We couldn’t have been more thrilled when Wally asked us to be part of DTP and represent our local scene.

Driven To Perform 2013




Our friend Brendan was one of the first to have the 9′s across the border. He’s had it for a while now and also been through multiple phases of setups, from “hellaflush” to track stance. Brendan also runs ProjectDetail, a backyard detailing company which he started as a hobby. His attention to detail has made him quite a staple in the Vancouver area, so make sure you hit him up for your detail needs!

Project Evo




Porson’s EVO X is the last feature of our 2013 year. His car is a perfect demonstration of how those aftermarket companies were able to enhance the stock body look without going over the top.

Porson’s EVO X


Approaching the 2014 year we will be committed to deliver you more of the PNW scene with the passion we’re noted for. From our entire Static Captains team we wish you all a happy new year!



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