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 Cars are like women; you treat them right, and they’ll love you in return. Kenni’s S2000 hints at his obsession. Yet, despite the low stance, track-ready J’s wing and other tid-bits, his car remains sleek and mild enough for the street. While everyone nowadays seems to rock wide bodies, Kenni opted to pull his front fenders and add ASM rear flares for a mild aggressive stance. The Downforce side diffusers complement the Voltex rear diffuser and gives a flowing protrusion along the rear end. It’s not hella-flush, but it hella attracts attention.


Up front is something you don’t see often. The Sorcery Japan bumper with its elongated mouth opening and extended lip gives this car an angry glare. Couple that with the Mugen style hood and the exposed Greddy intercooler; it’s absolutely stunning.



While the exterior appears to be an AP2, the heart remains an AP1 to stay rev happy. A Koyo radiator fits snugly in the engine bay while providing more than adequate cooling for the Greddy boosted motor. Up top, a JDM Cusco strut bar keeps the chassis flex-free. The traditional red valve cover that comes standard with the F-Series motor was opted out and replaced with a powder coated wrinkle black finish. Complementing the valve cover is a Spoon Kevlar spark plug cover and a chockfull of neochrome goodies.



Inside the cabin are STRI gauges to stay in check with the car’s health. The gauge cluster is also replaced with a JDM AP2 cluster redlining at 9k rather 8k like the USDM counterparts. A Nardi Deepcorn steering wheel aids the turn-in action.



Keeping the chassis safely rigid and tight, a Takata Drift III street legal harness is installed with a Cusco 5 Point Roll Cage. Two Bride holding monsters are in the car to give the driver maximum support.


Custom finished purple haze Work 11r’s wrapped in Continental DW’s to give maximum grip paired with a set of Spoon 4 Pot Monoblock Calipers coupled with Winmax W3 pads gives ultimate breaking power even in Vancouver’s wet climate.


We don’t go into complete detail, but it’s not necessary. When done right, cars can be fun to drive and aesthetically pleasing. As Kenni shows us, modifying cars isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Kenni gives his shout outs to The Speed Syndicate, Garage 5, Gwen and all his supportive friends.


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