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Do not lubricate with light

Do you feel that your home is no longer suitable for spatial reasons? My wife is pregnant for the fourth time? What's gotten into her? But anyway, your cozy family house needs to be expanded. Especially if you inherited it from Grandma and it is therefore a classic building with ground floor, so typical especially in villages and smaller towns. The simplest and least costly is the use of land space to create attic rooms, lit by the use of roof windows.
For and against
Let's start with that. We don't think of anything at the moment. And for? Saving of finances, utilization of mostly otherwise unused space, improvement of thermal insulation of the house, emergence of romantically looking spaces, especially when using existing wooden elements. Better distribution of natural light, which goes not only from the side, as in the classic house, but partly and from the top. This is really a non-payment. It will save you money.