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The second

She walked across the rustic kitchen in a light wood to keep it in the dining room on the table. Her current husband will be out of sight at home, and she would like to tell him the news before he calls Philip and his boyfriend for dinner. And hardly this thought will attack, he hears keys in the castle. It automatically smiles and makes it faster so that Francis doesn't have to wait too long. He's been working hard all day, he told her this morning before he went to work, waiting for a tough day.
From work
Francis fits into the dining room and is immediately proud of his wife to kiss her for a welcome. His wife enthusiastically rebuffed him, and he began to chant that Philip had brought a friend, and that he would join them for dinner. Francis raises his eyebrows and asks how long he goes and his name and where he is. Vendula was proud to have married this man.