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Top Reasons to Invest in Faux Wood Beams

If you want to make any room of your house look more austere, then you should consider investing in wooden beam installation. The use of real wooden beams truly captures the natural beauty of your home. A lot of people, however, change their minds about wooden beams when they find out about its expensive purchase and installation costs. Fortunately, for those who want to achieve the look that real wood beams offer without the expensive costs, you can do so with the use of faux wood beams. Looking at beams made of real and faux wood is impossible to tell apart unless you touch them.

In this day and age, you should not have to worry about finding manufacturers of custom wood beams and other materials with polyurethane details because there are a lot of them out there. You just need to make sure that you are choosing a manufacturer that only uses high-quality HDF material. Using real wooden pieces as a mold to produce faux wood beams is something that a good manufacturer will make sure to do. Following this intricate process results in the perfect copy of the external appearance of real wood in terms of its graining, wormholes, and knotting characteristics. What follows are some other key advantages of utilizing custom faux wood beams for your home ceiling.

Easy installation is one of the major reasons why many homeowners and builders are now choosing faux wood beams over real wood beams. Although there is beauty in real wood beams, they are very heavy when you need to stretch until your kitchen or living area. With this heaviness, the installation process will not be that easy and you may even need the help of a team of individuals. For faux wood beams, on the other hand, they are very lightweight, making the installing process very easy and often requiring only one to two people.

Faux wood beams are very versatile materials. The the thing about getting real wood ceiling beams is that you can use them exclusively for your ceiling. Since real wood is also very heavy, you are limited with the number of beams that you can install on your ceiling to maintain its structure. Meanwhile, because faux wood beams are very lightweight, the sky is just the limit on the list of things that you can do with them inside or outside of your home. Simply put, the ceiling is not the only place for your faux beams.

And last, faux wood beams offer durability that can last a lifetime. Compared to real wood beams, faux beams will not split, chip, or rot. Faux beams are designed to last many years, and they are maintenance-free.

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